Momori Peach Moisture Smoothing Hair Cream 150g

Momori Peach Moisture Smoothing Hair Cream 150g

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Momori’s signature blend contains 4 types of peach derived moisturizing & protective  ingredients: Peach fruit extract, Peach fruit water, Peach leaf extract & Peach kernel oil . It also contains water retaining ingredients.

Hair Type: Best for dry/damaged,rough & coarse hair
Product Size: 150g
Product Type: Leave-in Treatment/Conditioner
Brand Name: Momori
Manufacturer: DARIYA


  • Soften & smoothen dry, coarse hair
  • Provides heat protection
  • Control frizz
  • Non-sticky and smooth to use


Product Details:

  • It’s a Japanese leave in treatment cream for dry & coarse hair.
  • It soften, smooth and condition thick, coarse hair
  • Heat protection formula protects hair from the heat of dryers and irons .
  • The rich formula of this hair treatment cream features Momori’s signature blend of doughnut peach extract and peach oil to control frizz, smooth the cuticle and protect hair from dryness.
  • Hair feels soft,silky smooth and manageable without any sticky feel,
  • It has a peach fruity floral fragrance


How To Use:

  • You can use either on towel-dried/damp hair or dry hair after shampooing.
  • Apply to the whole from the inside of the hair centering on the hair tips.



Water, millisty alcohol, PG, BG, dimethicon, water-based polyisobuten, glycerin, triethyl hexanoinin, miristin acid octide decyl, diamage linolic acid pepper, sterler trimonium chloride, ethanol, ethylhexyl glycerin, γ-docsalacton Shea fat, shiroki crab extract, bird (caplilic acid / caprocopulic acid) glyceryl, hydroxyethylcelulose, phenoxyethanol, vein limonium chloride, peach nucleus oil, peach fruit extract, peach fruit extract, peach fruit water, lauroyl glutamate (phystellil / Okuchiled dysyl / octyrded dysyl / octyrded. ), EDTA-2NA, fragrance

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