DHC Collagen Powder 192g (32 Days)


DHC Collagen Powder 192g (32 Days)

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DHC Collagen Powder contains high absorption collagen peptides and vitamin C to provide a total beauty effect.

This powdered type Japanese collagen supplement from DHC is designed to mix with foods and beverages. The powder odor is eliminated to the minimum, and it turns transparent when it gets dissolved so it barely changes the taste and looking of foods and drinks.

Comes in a resealable plastic packing bag with a convenient zipper on the top and attached measuring spoon.

Non-caffeine, no artificial coloring, no flavoring additives, and no preservatives.

  • Contents: 192g for 32 days.
  • Ingredients (per 6g): Fish-based collagen peptide 5,000mg, vitamin C 50mg
  • Potential allergens: Gelatin
  • Made in Japan


How to Take:

  • Use the attached measuring spoon and scoop 6g of the powder, or a level spoonful of powder.
  • Add the powder to any foods and/or drinks you like. Consume as soon as possible once it get dissolved.
  • Since vitamin C is vulnerable to the heat, it is recommended to mix the powder with hot foods/drinks at the end of cooking.
  • To prevent quality deterioration, make sure to close the zipper tightly after use.


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